Car Hire Tallahassee International Airport


Florida’s Tallahassee International Airport is located in the state’s capitol. Although it’s commonly called Tallahassee International Airport by many, Tallahassee Regional Airport is its’ actual name. The airport is owned and operated by the city of Tallahassee. The capitol city of Tallahassee Florida was established in 1824. The airport’s history dates back to 1929 when the city first opened it as a municipal airport. A little known fact is that it was used between 1938 and 1939 as training grounds for United States Army fighter pilots.

It is located about seven miles southwest of Tallahassee’s main downtown business area. The airport sprawls over twenty-seven hundred acres. The main service it provides is within a one hundred mile radius. The airport has two runways and serves nearly three quarters of a million people annually. It offers non-stop flights to Washington D.C., Charlotte North Carolina, Fort Worth and Dallas Texas, Atlanta Georgia and cities in Florida. It’s no wonder why the Tallahassee Regional Airport is referred to as international. It proudly serves as a gateway to international flights around the globe, thus commonly referred to as Tallahassee International Airport.

It’s easy to get to your hotel from the airport using a car rental service. Whether you’re sightseeing or on a business, or little of both, renting a car gives you freedom to go where you want when you want.

It’s nice to know that the Tallahassee International Airport has kept up with the times. Renovations have been made to fourteen gates. More importantly their business center has been upgraded with computer areas and workspaces.

Some amenities at the airport include, a shoe shine stand, gift shop, video games and even a place to get a massage for the weary traveler. Concessions are within airport premises for the traveler in need of a quick bite.

Parking is easy at Tallahassee International Airport. A variety of parking options offer the right choice for everyone. Cash or credit cards are accepted for daily or hourly parking. Free parking is offered for those staying under thirty minutes. Auto users can get the “E-ticket Express”. This is designed to get in and out of the parking quickly by simply using your credit card to exit.

Florida's Tallahassee International Airport covers their bases for all travelers. If you're traveling to Florida chances are you'll see first hand how the city of Tallahassee keeps up with modern day travelers.