Car Hire Jacksonville International Airport


Jacksonville Airport is one of the popular airports in Florida. Located just 18 miles north of the Jacksonville downtown, this airport connects to all major cities across US and numerous international destinations as well. This airport in the sunshine state of Florida is easily accessible from all prime locations in various cities and also from the center of Jacksonville. If you are driving to the airport, just take the Airport Road near I-95 and later the route of the westbound signpost to reach the terminal. The Jacksonville Airport is renowned as the gateway of Florida and Georgia, as it connects both the northeastern side of Florida and also the southeastern region of Georgia. With over fourteen in service airlines including both domestic and international ones, the airport experiences huge air traffic every single day with over 200 regular flights both arriving and departing from this airport.

The main terminal of this airport has a large patio with numerous restaurants and bars along with a chain of shops exclusively for the passengers. Even the airport has live music stages where some popular local bands showcase their skill at every month end. The airport has a well-developed transportation services; this includes the taxi/car hire services, luxury SUV/limousines hire and transport services. All these companies are adjoining to the baggage collection area and on the ground floor of the terminal building. Apart from the car hire and taxi services, the airport also has public transport services including the Express Shuttle minibus service that usually takes the passengers to any place in Florida and also to Southeast Georgia. Till now, the airport doesn’t have any rail terminus; hence, most of the passengers prefer to take the bus transfer and the local taxi transfer service to reach various locations inside Florida. For those looking for nearest Amtrak Railway station can take a bus to reach the downtown Jacksonville and from there to the nearest Amtrak Railway Station.

The airport also has great options for car parking just next to the terminal building; you will get both short-term and long-term parking along with a free shuttle mini-bus transfer service to the airport terminal. The Jacksonville International Airport also has a Courtesy Waiting facility for the passengers located just ahead of the airport’s Administration Building towards the terminal. The airport has ATMs on the lower, a massage parlor, an art gallery and a video game arcade along with some gift shops as well. For savoring the taste buds of the passengers, the airport has numerous cafes, restaurants and snacks bars adjacent to the lounge and on the upper level quad.